Featured StorY

INTERVIEW: The Media Lab with Peter Von Stackelberg

Watch this interview with Peter Von Stackelberg, professor of communications and director of the Media Lab, on the importance of media creation and the capabilities of Alfred University’s Media Lab. Created and produced by AUTV.

GAME START: Social Class and Car Ownership

This video-game-esque short film explores social class through the lens of car ownership in America. It was created by English undergraduates Monica Nowik and Eliza Sidenstecker for ENGL 461 Social Class in American Literature, taught by Dr. Melissa Ryan.

Student Projects

I’m Tired

“I’m Tired” is a short film produced by Keshell Scipio for the COMM 300 – Transmedia Storytelling class.


An imaginative, clever, and visually striking Neo-Noir created by a team of five dedicated students in COMM 216 Video Production.

The Italian Horror Film

Alfred University senior Briana Broadwell’s visual essay on the Italian Horror Film was created for COMM 400: The Global Horror Film – Blood Across Borders.

Horror Prints Booklet

For COMM 400: The Global Horror Film – Blood Across Borders, School of Art Design senior Floyd Kessler developed a series of prints based on films screened in the course.

Movie of the Week

The Fly

What better way to start the week than with a spooky science fiction body dysmorphia movie? David Cronenburg’s film The Fly takes you on a journey through technological developments and grosses you out beyond your wildest dreams. In his lab, researcher Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) has successfully built a teleportation device. He believes it’s time…


This week’s movie is Interstellar, a science-fiction adventure that will take you across space and tug at your heart strings while doing it. Cooper (Mathew McConaughey) gets his chance to finally put his knowledge to use when he is presented the opportunity to find Earth a new home. Earth suffering a food shortage and a…

AI Art of the Week

Bring on the Spring Happiness

Butterflies are one of my favorite spring insects. They bring joy and let me know that summer is close. Nothing beats watching butterflies float around a nice bed of flowers. But did you know that snakes can eat butterflies. Given the prompt “A warm spring day” this is what the AI in Dream by Wambo…

Ride to Another World

This week is dedicated to space. This image was generated using the website Dream.Ai. The prompt given was a large galaxy surrounds a worm hole. This picture was one of my favorite out of the others generated because of the size the picture shows the viewer. Wikipedia describes wormholes as a hypothetical structure connecting disparate…

Trip to the Bar

The streams of colors add to the bar feeling. One can’t have a bar and not install neon lights. They add to the night out feeling. Both of these images were created using the program Dream.AI. This week’s post is about taking a trip to the bar. Most students are stressed with major presentations and…