Hi! My name is Alina, I’m a first-year student from Ukraine. I have never been to the USA before, not to mention that university is a new stage of life for every student, so I got it all in 2022. I want to share some insights from my experience and say goodbye to the first page of my university life.

Playing Sports 

My first year started with tennis. Our coaches, Jordan Crouch and Tori Pellegrino, and both tennis teams helped me to adapt to my new surroundings, and I can confidently call every single person a friend. Staring at an empty room in Tefft in August, I realized I was totally unprepared to live by myself. Thanks to my team, I gained a lot of knowledge and experience, which I value more than anything else. As most tennis players are upperclassmen, I had an upper hand with university, sports, dining halls, and anything needed. In addition to everything above – I combined my favorite sport and academics. We reached Empire 8 playoffs and have more power for the next season. And I am excited to support the men’s team in the spring!

Finding the Right People

As an international student, I met many people from all over the world in our first week. We helped each other to get used to the culture, buy necessities, and explore the USA. The six-week series was fun and bonded us even more. Even though I was still playing tennis and attended only two trips (Niagara Falls and the farm), I can confidently say they were the best ones. And a special shout-out to our exchange students, Sid, Marta, Xènia, and Lulwa, who spent only one semester at Alfred, but created so many memories. We love you guys!

Clubs on Campus

After the season, I got involved in a bunch of clubs. As a part of the college of business, the marketing club was among the first organizations I joined. We hosted a lot of events and fundraisers and had a lot of fun in the process. I also spent half of my time in the media lab – a shared space of AUTV, Fiat Lux News, and WALF, located on the first floor of Powell. I joined FLN and WALF where we started brainstorming ideas and renovating the space. And now we are planning a podcast to interview students and faculty, so if you are interested in doing something similar or participating as a guest – reach us on our Instagram page @au_walf89.7 or email us at walf@alfred.edu.

Time Management

I am double majoring in business administration and music, so I have a schedule full of classes, practices, clubs, and social occasions. It sounded like a lot last semester, but miraculously I am managing to juggle everything successfully. I mainly used Google Calendar, which I found to be super easy and helped me be productive. I love testing different apps and techniques, and I hope to cover my discoveries in the next issue.

Next Semester

Sitting on the plane to Rochester and writing this article, I know I am ready to start a new episode of college life. I am excited to study more about the music and business industries and try to balance my sleeping schedule. As a Co-President of a newly created Global Studies club, I have a lot of projects in mind. Our club wants to contribute to Alfred’s fun and thrilling environment this year. You better keep an eye out for updates!

How was your semester? And how is New Year going so far? DM me @momentsource with any questions or concerns!

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