Featured Stories

Change: Three Stories

Change is a series of three stories about personal transformation. The project was created using several different software applications. Rachel Fleischman describes how she put this project together: In order…

Thumbs: A Cat’s Story

When it came to telling a story for his final project, David Burton looked to his cat for the starring role. The story was created using digital photography and image…

Live to Seen Another Day: A Short Film

Nate Mills takes things to another planet with his short film Live to See Another Day. The video uses a technique call machinima, in which video is captured from a…

Media Lab Equipment & Facilities

Using Media Lab Equipment & Facilities

Coming Fall 2023 – Members of the Alfred University community can access digital media equipment and facilities through the Prunty-Russo Media Lab.

Student Projects

GAME START: Social Class and Car Ownership

This video-game-esque short film explores social class through the lens of car ownership in America. It was created by English undergraduates Monica Nowik and Eliza Sidenstecker for ENGL 461 Social Class in American Literature, taught by Dr. Melissa Ryan.




3D Computer Graphics

Art & AI


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