On February 4th on the coast of South Carolina, an unidentified flying object was shot down by the U.S. government. The balloon-like craft was seen drifting over the state for a few days, suspected of being from China but its true intentions and origin remain unknown. 

Following this incident, three more high-altitude objects were shot down in different areas. On February 10th, a similar structure was shot down on the northern end of Alaska. The following day on the 11th, another craft was shot down on the border of Canada and America. Compared to the first incident, officials say this object had a smaller, more cylindrical shape. The most recent high-altitude craft was shot down near Lake Huron on February 12th.

Map of where the unidentified objects were shot down

These mysterious objects in the sky have made people wonder, could these be aliens? Trying to combat these rumors on February 14th, the White House held a press conference where secretary of press Karine Jean-Pierre stated, “There is no indication of aliens or extra-terrestrial activity with these recent takedowns.”

Following this, the Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby says, “I don’t think the American people need to worry about aliens, with respect of these crafts.”

He also explains in their examination of the debris, they learned that these objects do not have the ability to maneuver, propel themselves, or communicate, and were unmanned. Fighter jets also note that even though these objects were the size of cars, they did not appear on their radar. 

The possible answer for these crafts that the U.S. government is pursuing is Chinese surveillance balloons. The Sunday after the first object was shot down, U.S. defense officials tried contacting China about the object but received no response for many days. The following Monday, China’s Foreign Ministry denied any involvement and pointed out that in the past year the U.S. has sent surveillance balloons into its airspace ten times.

 “I haven’t ruled out anything,” says U.S. Northern Command Commander General Glen VanHerck. The mystery of these events has put people into a panic. The U.S. government is determined to find the origins of these objects and understand their intentions. Although the government reassures that they do not believe it is extraterrestrial, it is still a possibility.