This is the 51st year of Alfred celebrating Hot Dog Day. The origins of this day are not pinpointed as it is celebrated in places as far as Canada and Australia. Hot Dog Day started in Alfred in 1972 by Alfred University students Mark O’Meara and Eric Vaughn. The festivities in Alfred include a parade down Main Street, vending booths, bouncy castles, wiener dog racing, a concert (this year’s being The Plain White T’s), and much more, including lots and lots of hot dogs. 

Although Alfred is not the first or only place to celebrate Hot Dog Day, it has become a special day in Alfred’s heart, especially for the students. 

“I am excited to see people doing people things and having fun,” first-year student Abby Scanlan said. 

Hot Dog Day has become a celebration of being done with the school year. Students can kick back and enjoy the events after working hard during the semester. 

Hotdog Day 2007

“I just hope I get the full experience. I was a COVID freshie and it wasn’t occurring then, and last year it wasn’t on Main Street,” says Alfred University senior Rachel Fleischman. 

Sadly, many students have yet to experience the full range of Hot Dog Day due to the effects of COVID. However, this year the celebration will be the closest to normal it has been in three years. This may be the last Hot Dog Day for the students who have missed out, but luckily they still get to have this amazing experience before they graduate.

Another great aspect about Hot Dog Day is the opportunity it brings for current students and alumni. Many aspects of Hot Dog Day are student-run, which allows students to show off their talents that they are proud of, and clubs and organizations they are proud to be a part of. As for the alumni, they can come back to enjoy the festivities and reminisce on the memories of the good old days.

Unbeknownst to some, the day following Hot Dog Day, the women’s soccer program hosts an alumni game. 

“When it comes to our current student athletes, it gives them the opportunity to build relationships with former players who went through the same experiences,” says Alfred University Women’s Soccer Coach Craig Yanni. 

Hot Dog Day has been an amazing celebration in Alfred since its creation. For alumni and students alike, the day is jam-packed full of activities and exciting experiences. It allows for the students and people in Alfred to come together as a community and have some fun.