Tucked away in the state land up the road from Alfred, is a gorgeous little oasis called Palmer’s Pond. A state-owned pond founded in the 1930s with views, fire pits, and wildlife galore. Palmer’s Pond State Forest has everything a nature lover could need to unwind after a long week. 

Features of Palmer’s Pond:

– Multi-use, marked trails (approximately 12 miles worth) to hike, ski, or trail ride to the full extent. 

– A large pond with a beautiful forest backdrop-perfect for photoshoots, especially as fall colors paint the landscape, or as a scenic view while you spend an afternoon fishing.

– Wildlife, from eagles and waterfowl, to the woodland creatures who pose a challenge to glimpse. Be it for photography, your own amusement, or you need a new place to go bird watching.

– Benches, picnic tables, and space to tent camp. You can stay for a few hours or a night or two.

– Low levels of light pollution are the perfect opportunity for stargazers.

Sporting a wide arrangement of outdoor activities, Palmer’s Pond State Forest could be the focus of your next adventure. If you are willing to brave a few potholes and dirt roads to reach it, the views and tranquility are truly worth your while. You might even be able to spot some metal dinosaur sculptures in the woods along the road there. Just be sure to respect the area and take out anything you bring with you, including garbage, food, and belongings.

See you over yonder!