Q. Hi Zac, can you tell us what the Rocky Horror Picture Show is about for those who don’t know?

A. It’s a musical about a couple who goes to visit their old science teacher after getting engaged. However, after having their car break down in the middle of nowhere, they find themselves in a mansion full of…unique characters. Chaos quickly ensues and essentially anything that can go wrong does go wrong.

Q. Why did you choose this particular show?

Cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in 2022, credit: Zac Laury

A. Doing a shadowbox of Rocky has been a tradition at Alfred for years. It got lost during Covid, but Maggie Weiss and Abby Hurley brought it back last year. My co-director Ry (who some may remember as Riff Raff from the show last year) and I were in it and decided we wanted to take over directing this year and make it student-run.

Q. When will we have the honor of attending your performance?

A. Right now it’s looking like the show’s going to be October 20th. 

Q. Anything more you want to say about it?

A. The show is so much fun; we have a good mix of returning and new cast and everyone’s super excited to be there. It’s going to be fantastic and I hope everyone comes out!