The use of generative AI in creating art has been highly controversy. While some argue that generative AI offers a new and exciting avenue for artists to explore, others question the artistic value of works created by machines. The controversy centers around several key issues, including the authenticity of the artwork, the role of the artist, and the potential consequences for the art market.

Many argue that works created by machines lack the human touch and emotional depth that defines traditional art. Generative AI algorithms use complex mathematical models to create images, music, and other forms of art, which can be seen as mechanical and cold, lacking the warmth and humanity of art created by humans. Critics argue that machine-generated art is inherently inauthentic and cannot be compared to traditional art, which is created through human intuition and experience.

Others argue, however, AI generated art democratizes creativity. With generative AI, anyone with access to the technology can create art, regardless of their level of expertise. This has led to the emergence of a new generation of artists who are using generative AI to create works that are both innovative and thought-provoking.

Image generated by Peter von Stackelberg using Midjourney
Image generated by Peter von Stackelberg using Midjourney
A dystopian image generated by Peter von Stackelberg using Midjourney.

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