Interstellar – Trailer 3 – Official Warner Bros.
This trailer from YouTube makes me want watch this movie again for the third time.

This week’s movie is Interstellar, a science-fiction adventure that will take you across space and tug at your heart strings while doing it. Cooper (Mathew McConaughey) gets his chance to finally put his knowledge to use when he is presented the opportunity to find Earth a new home. Earth suffering a food shortage and a modern dustbowl is in dire need to find a new planet to call home before they go extinct.

This was when the chaos really started to unravel

Just when you think you have the film figured out, this 2hr49min adventure will throw you another curve ball. Although this film has an amazing story line and the twists make it a edge of your seat watch that is not why it became so famous.

If you want more detail on the facts, check out this interview.

Interstellar became so famous because of the science accuracy this movie gives us. Christopher Nolan took the extra step to make the film as true as it possibly could get. Generally movies put in less effort to make sure the facts are actual facts but Interstellar embraced this feature. Nolan hired a physicist named Kip Thorne to iron out all of the misconceptions on wormholes and space. Kip contributed drastically to making the film as acurate as it could get.

I recently watched Interstellar for the first time and right after I finished it the next day I rewatched it. This film is the first to make me instantly rewatch it the moment it stopped. Almost every object and sentence in this movie has some form of set up and pay off, and it is thee little details that make me appreciate this movie so much. If you haven’t watched Interstellar clear you day and watch it. I almost guaranteed you will want to watch this movie again right after it finishes.