What better way to start the week than with a spooky science fiction body dysmorphia movie? David Cronenburg’s film The Fly takes you on a journey through technological developments and grosses you out beyond your wildest dreams. In his lab, researcher Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) has successfully built a teleportation device.

He believes it’s time to test it on people after successfully teleporting a monkey. What greater test subject could there be than the inventor themselves? Unaware, a fly joins him on the journey, and they combine to form what he calls the Brundlefly. The fly’s cells begin to change Seth’s body, altering his cells until he is fully an insect. You might throw up on your food before you eat it or run away in terror at the sight of the beast that has been formed.

The Fly picked for this weeks Movie of the Week is actually a remake by David Cronenburg. This movie is often referred to as The Fly ll.
This is the original The Fly trailer in 1958 directed by Kurt Neumann.

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