Artificial Intelligence is still confusing and new to some. I have recently been trying to explore what AI brings to the table for me and what I have discovered has been mind blowing. AI is not only able to create videos and photos, but it is also able to take a prompt that you write and make a character repeat that verse back to you. AI has changed my life by giving me a new hobby. I get onto programs like Kaiber or Dream.AI and spends hours being amazed by the creations it gives me. These are just two ways that someone can use AI for fun if they are just beginning to discover its abilities. I suggest that if you haven’t jumped onto the AI wave your should definitely start to explore what AI can offer you.

This picture was created using the program Kaiber. With this program you can enter a prompt and create a video with that script. This program is still in Beta so there are a few minor tweaks that need to be fixed but it still super fun to play around with. To remove the watermark and receive 1000 tokens I had to pay $15, which I think is an amazing price for what you can create with this program. Each token is equivalent to one second of video.

Given a similar prompt as the one used in the photo above Kaiber was able to create this short video with AI. Truly incredible how far we have come with technology.

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